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Maggie I completed the boot camp in the Fall of 2018 and started a Web Developer job January of 2019. You can definitely find success through this boot camp! You learn A TON of information. You get what you put into the program. All the resources are there, but it's up to you to use them to learn and understand the material. My advice is for anyone considering a software coding bootcamp: 1. SHOW UP. Don't be late to class and pay attention! Try writing down notes in class. 2. Ask questions! Teachers and classmates are willing to help you. (also Google!) 3. Do extra practice/research at home/out of class hours.. Take advantage of any tutoring, even if you feel you understand the material! 4. Lastly.. NETWORK! Do what the career coach tells you to do and you won't regret it. My experience with We Can Code IT had some speed bumps with teacher changes, but at the end it taught me how to deal with unexpected changes which I'm sure I will face in ' the real world '. It's a fast pace course and you'll have to make adjustments. The teaching staff was always willing to help out and answer your questions or clarify any of your confusions. They really want you to succeed but it's up to you and your desire for your own success!