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Anonymous Going through the Academy at age 15 with no prior tech experience. The instructors were very much about the needs of the students, making sure that everyone got through the content with no questions left to answer they made sure you knew the concepts and the way to finding the answers as fast as possible, made the idea of grasping a new coding language easy, and always had someone there to help if you just couldn't get it. I would recommend this boot camp to anyone from a youngster like me to someones 81yo grandma.
Anonymous Having been a DBA for years, my current-day skill set was getting a bit behind the times. I took the fullstack bootcamp to see what web development was all about. We started with the basics of HTML and CSS and grew iteratively until we were writing CLI's and building websites with Javascript/Bootstrap/MongoDB and learning to deploy them. We learned how to team program and use code repositories. I finished the class feeling like I could step right into a modern-day development group. It was a great and challenging course that I would highly recommend to anyone from a total programming noob to a 25+ year database veteran with rusty skills.