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Ashley Mefford Pros- It's also related to the consulting business in which you have the opportunity to work for upon completion. - Was able to work as a paid intern to continue learning with real world clients. - Teachers are the owners of the company and have massive knowledge in the space. - Opportunity to Zoom in if you can't make it in person. - Video content created to revert back to - Students were encouraged to help each other. - Team project was a great exercise in team work and building a program. Cons- With the teachers being owners, they sometime had to attend to that business. - While the videos were great, they were often posted at the start of class. It would be more helpful to have all the weeks work posted a week in advance. (I believe these Cons are fixed for future classes)
Claudia Rangel I started the Inventive Bootcamp course with no experience on how to code. Everyone from the instructors to the classmates made the course educational and fun. We learned HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery, and JavaScript. Working as a team was one of my favorite parts, even though it was challenging at times, we learned to work as a team in completing our assigned project and saving all our work through GitHub. In addition, the instructors were always available to assist us and provided feedback. At the end of the course, I felt accomplished on what I learned and I put it into play everyday, as now I know how much work it takes to build an application and all the hard work every developer, software engineer puts in to make the technology world more efficient everyday. I totally recommend this course, you will gain more than coding skills.