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Anonymous I attended We Can Code IT's FlexCode program after trying to teach myself to code (and then being unsatisfied with my progress). The FlexCode program let me learn at my own pace with modules done on my own time online, and meet with classmates and the instructor every other weekend. It really was the best of both worlds! Working on a team for our final project taught me teamwork and reinforced good source control practices, too. I studied and worked on projects while taking care of my kids, without any big changes to their routines, which was a big plus for me. The instructor was patient and available for questions and problems pretty much all the time. He clearly loves teaching and helping students. The career services counselor had great advice and was so supportive, even after I graduated. The program helped me with my resume, interviewing, portfolio, and even set up some visits from local employers. This personal attention and mentorship really helped me succeed. I landed a great job about a month after I graduated, as a direct result of networking organized by the school. We Can Code IT helped me move from stay-at-home-mom to developer! I highly recommend it.