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Anonymous It's really nice meet people from other countries, share with local people, increase my network and learn a lot to do things that I haven't do. A plus must be that I can practice my english with "G" and the other guys. The bad thing was that i have to leave my job to be 100% focused on this bootcamp, but no regreat about it.
Natalia Hashimoto At the beginning I was waiting for my tutors to teach me, fortunately I realize that I will learn as much as I want and it depends just on my, on how much I challenge myself, if I want to prints "Hello World" or deploy a website. I like this because when I challenge myself, my tutors challenge them too, I feel like I force them to run with me. The tutors have helped me with each question I have, if I don't know it they look for an answer but they never said they don't know. I am very exciting!