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Sysamone Phaphon, MHA It's tough to attend any in person coding program when you are a parent. Add single parent to the title and it's even more difficult to balance and find an appropriate sitter to watch your kids while you go code for a few hours. The team at First Step Coding is ridiculously accommodating and supportive. I'm a single parent of two and at times, I couldn't make the in person teachings but my instructor made sure to make himself readily available to keep me on track with the rest of the students via a 1 on 1 online tutoring session. This type of flexibility and accommodation is not available in other bootcamps. The way the curriculum is setup with the addition of educational videos and knowledge check points really helped me grasped what I was learning. Their were definitely some challenges, however the support from the instructor, TA and team at First Step Coding, really helped me get through.