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Andy Mitchell I attended the 2018 Java bootcamp in Playa del Carmen, Mexico which included 4 weeks remote work preparation, 8 weeks on site in Mexico and a following 4 weeks remote work on the final project. I had a great time on the course! Playa del Carmen had a very relaxed vibe and it was easy to walk everywhere which was great! I thought the teaching was great and Roi was happy to explain anything we had questions about throughout the course. I found being away from home and learning remotely really made me motivated and focused on learning which is something I had struggled with when trying to learn independently. Roi had had experience in the software industry and could answer questions and provide advice on good practise used in the industry which is unlikely to be something I would have learned on my own. Roi was also keen to set us extra challenges and teach us things outside of the current curriculum when it was clear we understood the curriculum well, this led to us creating our own Android apps which was great fun and something I had always wanted to play around with. I found the experience of working at the the coworking space really enjoyable, we met lots of new people with interesting backgrounds and stories which is something I wasn't expecting! The facilities were great there and the coworking space often had events we joined to meet other digital nomads. I found the work/play balance was much better than I expected, I was expecting to just stay in the same city for the whole 8 weeks but we managed to arrange a trip to Mexico City to see some of the Day of the Dead celebrations as well as trips to Tulum and Merida to see the cities and visit some Mayan ruins which were amazing! Playa has lots of things to do and see nearby and I expect I will go back there in the future to see some of the sights I missed! Overall, I would recommend CodingNomads to anyone who is looking to jump into the world of software development, as this type of learning experience will give you the practical skills to start making your own applications from scratch, which I feel is really empowering and motivating to start making projects of your own! That combined with the experience of living in a new country and meeting new and interesting people from around the world makes this a really rewarding experience that I would do again in a heartbeat!