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Carol-Anne Ryce-Paul Noble Desktop has day classes but better than that they have evening classes in the beginner, intermediate and advanced ranges so you can get the amount of knowledge you need. I just finished their Visual Design and an Adobe Premiere Bootcamp which makes me feel I am ready to add some fine new prices to my portfolio. Look, it’s conveniently on your time and terms, why not get better prepared for your next better job.
Alaina Hemlall The After Effects Level 2 Class at Noble Desktop was fantastic. I have a design background so it was great to have a class that focused heavily on learning an application, rather than too much repetition on the fundamentals of design. The exercises are very current and I felt comfortable enough to use their techniques in projects after taking the class. The NYC location was easy to get to and the overall set-up was very tailored to learning. Highly recommend their courses.
Julie Weinberg SEO in a Day provides a solid foundation for anyone who needs a comprehensive SEO overview — what it means, how it works and best practices. If you work with web developers and SEO partners, this class will help you understand all of the terms being thrown around. The instructor also provided links to a number of resources for further exploration.
Olivia Martel I was a beginner to InDesign. Even just upon opening the program I would get anxious that I might hit one key and erase any work I had previously done (and taken forever to do!) After Sneha worked her magic I have no more nerves! While I can always improve on a program like this, I definitely feel like I can navigate the program really well now and even enjoy the process as I do so. The workbook you take home is something I still refer to. Sneha the instructor was patient, informed, and taught things at just the right pace. I really appreciated this offering.
Ana Clemente Amazing class with top of the line teachers. With every class you receive a how-to-guide book with online code, and unlimited re-takes. I learned so much from their classes and they are usually just one day. Absolutely crazy!