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Anonymous Being a science teacher for 35 years and an amateur self-taught video editor, I couldn't imagine how someone could teach Adobe Premier Pro in a Day. I had low expectations. But Kalika Kharkar Sharma pulled it off. She is not only a pro when it comes to video editing, she's a great teacher. Her approach is what the Boy Scouts call the "EDGE" method: Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, Enable. From the start, she was prepared on multiple levels. She knew what she wanted to accomplish and how fast she had to move. She spoke quickly but, after explaining and demonstrating the points, she instructed everyone to do what she had done by following explicit written directions in a course booklet. Her guiding hand was readily available for all who needed it. She then moved ahead to the next steps repeating the same approach. The booklet was ours to keep along with the downloadable class files to enable everyone to go home and do it all over again. It was also great to hear that we could come back within six months and take the same course again for free. It should be said that the booklet is extremely well done and a valuable resource. I intend to go back for more.