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Anonymous I've been going to Noble for quite a few years now over my design career. I've taken many coding and design classes and they have all been very helpful. The way the courses are set up allow you to follow along with the teacher and then break off to do exercises, helping you get a grasp of what was just presented to you. You get workbooks that you can take home in case you need a refresher or for a reminder whenever you need it. The Business courses are a little different, and coming from a design background I prefer the way the design and coding classes are set up. The business courses are more of a lecture, which I find it hard to grasp all of the information present because there isnt as much hands on compared to other courses. This is just the nature of the course though. I've taken probably close to 10 classes with Noble and overall have only had one mediocre experience out of all the classes, and its more to the fault of the actual material and lack of workbook, but some may prefer a lectured class over the latter.