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Jan-Lee Wow!! Choosing to attend the 10 day bootcamp with IOC was one of the best decisions ever! I went onto the course wanting to explore a career change, but with no idea where to start in the big world of Social Media and Content Marketing. There are so many creative resources online, but the biggest difference for me with IOC was being surrounded by a super supportive team/ community/ mentors that really fast-tracked a lot of the learning. Most days are structured to cover specific topics – the content is intense – but everything is perfectly paired with a relaxed environment (like the best variety of food for every meal, a beautiful pool, and let's be real – it's run on a dream villa in Bali)! The best part for me since stepping out of the course is actually feeling empowered and inspired by all of the content and practical steps provided at IOC. Even now, the community and alumni group have really become like family. If you're hungry to learn, wanting to explore something new in life or looking for a group of like-minded people, I would highly recommend jumping into an IOC course. It's truly one of the most fulfilling learning experiences out there and absolutely life-changing!