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Greg Smith Two friends recommended I attend a bootcamp to learn to code, and so I knew what to expect in terms of work and time going in. Even then, the course was challenging enough that I spent pretty much all my time learning for 14 weeks. If you stay on top of the work, the Fullstack Immersive will take up a lot of time but I'd expect most people to keep up. I learned a tremendous amount over the 14 weeks, enough to give me confidence in my abilities with Python specifically, but also in learning new languages and frameworks not covered in the course. I don't always use Python on a day-to-day basis, so the most important skill I learned was probably comfort jumping into entirely new languages or design patterns without feeling lost, and then learning them quickly. I'd recommend Byte's Fullstack Immersive to anyone willing to put in the time, but know that it needs to be your priority the entire time or you might risk getting behind.