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Jared Mason I completed Institute of Code's web dev bootcamp in 2018 and it was the highlight of my year! I already had a background in graphic design but had only learnt some basic CSS prior. The online course pre-work was super helpful and made me confident that I could get my head around coding in the 10 days the bootcamp runs for. What I didn't expect was how incredible the location was when I arrived. Tina and Emilio who founded IOC have gone to great lengths to create an enivornment for learning that would make Finland jealous! The huge villa were the course is held is absolutely beautiful, spacious and luxurious. And the food, oh my the food — just incredible. The course is well paced, and offers ample time for catch up if you get in over your head. The mentors are a huge help and come from all over the world to help pass on their experience to everyone. I never would have expected to have a working understanding of web development in 10 days but IOC delivered. I also met some amazing people and stay in touch with them still. But most importantly, this year I have started my freelance business as a full fledged web designer. It's also worth mentioning that Tina and her team and the huge group of alumni offer limitless support once you have left Bali to help solve problems both technical and emotional. Couldn't recommend anything more highly. If you are reading this, back yourself and make the most of this opportunity. I'm so glad that I did!