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Varuni Sinha First Step Coding is a wonderful school to enter the world of coding—whether it's getting a grip on the building blocks of Javascript and HTML or getting ready to apply to top-notch bootcamps that can help launch your coding career. I started my First Step journey with the assumption that I will not understand anything only cause I had struggled with Javascript at grad school. To my surprise, the instructors at First Step Coding made the process fun and enjoyable. At the same time, they pushed me to overcome my mental barriers with positive re-inforcement. I found all the teachers extremely approachable and never hesitated to talk about conceptual roadblocks I faced along the way. The team at First Step Coding is dedicated to help you learn. That is not only their motto on paper—it's evident in their attitude toward every student. I strongly recommend the online learning platform, as well. Not only does it allow you to attend classes after a long day of work, it also offers access to recorded classes that you can revisit to brush up questions/concepts that require a deeper understanding. The accountability aspect of the course helps drive confidence in students, who are pushed to tackle 5-10 questions on new concepts learnt on a weekly basis. By the end of the course, students like me start feeling more confident about the distance travelled. I am now in the process of applying to reputed bootcamps in New York City based on my training with First Step BootCamp Prep!