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Bryce Lindley In 2018, I came from Udacity as an entrance into programming with a scholarship I had received for Android Basics Development. I was excited that I graduated and it felt great, but I also knew I had much more to learn. My desires for learning more were unquenched, I felt like Udacity wanted to push you out the door once you graduate with your nanodegree(which is both good and bad). What I desired was the ability to use a skillset that I mastered not because I followed a bunch of handholding exercises. I wanted to learn more about Java and I know mentorship is paramount for retaining all this stuff. I spoke with Ryan and told him my experience and he told me what to expect from the coursework, etc.. He is not only very friendly but helpful and reliable as he has a vast experience(16 years if I remember correctly) in Java. Do you need help in: Git, GitHub, Linux, Job support, anything Java he can help you. If you're feeling stressed and your brain has Ka-Bloomed! he offers moral support. CodingNomads only strengthened my understanding of more than I could ever do on my own. Ryan has been very helpful with learning Java and everything you need to know in between. Besides Java, you will learn how to use the command line which employers will expect of you. Retaining information is three times more easy when you have a mentor, and if you're serious about coding or just want to get started, I would highly suggest reaching out to Ryan to be your mentor.