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Grant Anderson As a recent college graduate I was working a completely non-technical job (as a recruiter), but I knew that Data Analytics was a field that I wanted to break into. I chose to invest my after-work time into Promotable's courses as a way for me to gain technical experience, and both boost my resume and learn about fundamental analytical tools and concepts. 3 months later I landed the technical position that I wanted and learned a lot along the way. I took the courses "Data Analytics for Business" and "Python 101 for Data Science" which were 6 weeks and 5 weeks, respectively. I was able to do both online which was super helpful for me since in-person wasn't feasible. The instructor I had, Vikram, was fantastic. He was really helpful explaining all the concepts, but more importantly to me I could tell he was extremely passionate about his work. As far as the subject matter, I think you get as much out of the course as you choose to put in. It was important to me to nail down my SQL skills so I worked extra hard outside of class to make sure I knew all the concepts we covered in class. I also gained experience with Excel, Tableau, and of course, extensive experience with Python. I highly recommend Promotable to anyone who is looking to further their career with Data Analytics.