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Tom Rosenfeld I have recently completed the 12 week full stack web development bootcamp as a part of the winter 2019 cohort. After 12 years working in an entirely unrelated sector and being in my mid thirties I was unsure whether I’d be able to transition into web development in 12 weeks. The combination of the teachers, teaching assistants and well thought through curriculum enabled me to learn so much more than I thought possible. I worked through as much of the pre-course study as I could (I would advise any other prospective students to do the same) but I would never have imagined that I’d be able to work with so many frameworks and libraries and produce such complex work so quickly. The curriculum is constantly updated to keep up with the most current libraries and working practices and the teachers vary so that you were always being taught by someone with real life industry experience. The teaching was a blend of lectures, challenges and both solo and group projects that meant you had plenty of time working alone and with others. Within our cohort there was a lot of peer support as well as being helped by the staff. I found analysing and bug fixing other peoples code really helpful for improving my own. I would advise making the most of the opportunities outside of the classroom. Mentoring was worthwhile. I found making contacts in the industry really helpful and encouraging. There is also support available for preparing for job interviews. Every Friday there is a one-to-one feedback session where you receive feedback on your progress and any areas you should focus on or spend some time studying. This is also an opportunity to feed back on the course, something that they take very seriously and noticeably acted upon which was great to see. The course was a rollercoaster of challenges, frustration, eureka moments, occasionally feeling at an utter loss and deep satisfaction when I finally got whatever concept had stumped me/found the bug/got the damn thing to work. It has given me a real desire to keep learning and improving my knowledge and expanding my skills. I’m currently waiting to start a role as a developer and am very happy that I decided to take the leap.