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Eduardo Mena I was trying to make a career change, but mine was a somewhat different story since my major at university was product design, but I was working in the "physical" industry and I was trying to get into the digital product design industry. In theory, I "had the knowledge" and knew about the methodology. But I lacked experience. This is where Beginex was essential. It was an in person, part-time program, working with a real client. Beginex has the framework so that you can learn about many skills at once: working with a team, collaborating remotely, working directly with a client, project management, tight deadlines, developer hand-off, etc. You accomplish all of this while still keeping your current job, getting guidance from very experienced mentors and making real world connections. Doing the program provided me with the confidence to know that I had the talent and drive to be the best I can be in my new career move, and a solid case study for my portfolio. As the program keeps evolving now they offer hands on career preparation for interviews, whiteboard exercises and portfolio creation.