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Mehdi I couldn’t imagine how my time at Le Wagon would be a great learning and human experience. I had a lot of good surprises during the bootcamp and after. Even if you want to start your own project or become a junior developer in a team or as a freelance you’ll find at Le Wagon some competent people who really help you to achieve your goals. I spent the toughest 9 weeks of my life but it worth it. Even if you don’t know anything about coding or programming and especially if you’ve never code any line in your life Le Wagon is a bootcamp for you. You’ll find a really good working atmosphere, mutual assistance between students and teachers who are helping you at anytime and with a pedagogic way. You’ll discover a new world and learn some good working habits. After Le Wagon I was glad to see how I’m still connected with the community. I visited Lisbon one month ago and I could find some people from Le Wagon Lisbon to talk and exchange with. You’ll find kindness in students, teachers and alumnis. If you want to start a new tech career or start a new digital project I can only recommend this coding bootcamp.