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Dani Jordan The Grace Hopper program has been absolutely one of the most unique learning environments I've been in. It is fast-paced, and they expect you to work hard. The first six weeks were FULL of lectures and it was a bit of information overload. But the remainder of the course was much more project-based, and expands thoroughly upon the topics covered in the lectures. The staff and instructors are very willing and available to answer questions, but it is entirely up to you to ask the questions and get the help you need. They do not coddle people, but they will always set aside time if you ask. My cohort was ~30 women who were overall very solid teammates and great people to work with, some of which I would consider wonderful friends. The projects are team-focused, and communication skills are essential. The challenge for me is staying motivated and focused, as it can feel overwhelming at times. However, if i had been self-studying for the same amount of time as the program, I would have NEVER accomplished even close to what I was able to produce within this school. I was pushed beyond what I thought I was capable of, and I am forever changed and thankful for it. So glad to recommend this program to any women or non-binary people looking to break into web development and programming.