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Jim Cranshaw After zero communication from you over a month and a half I am now giving up on this placement - if it ever existed. You've wasted a lot of my time in writing repeated communications, and the time of my colleagues who worked on our end on preparing for a placement. It's been by far the most unprofessional and confusing experience I've ever had from a volunteer brokerage in my 12 years in campaigns - most are excellent and professional organisations that actually help organisations in a win win swap. You are supposed to be helping small organisations like mine connect with a placement, but instead you have failed to communicate with me after numerous wasted phone calls, Tweets and emails, and you have signally failed to deliver anything at all over two months. Bizarrely nobody even picks up the phone when I ring your office, as I have now done 6 times. That doesn't help tiny organisations, it wastes their resources and hinders them. It is absolutely fine to tell organisations that the placement has fallen through - it is not fine to stop communicating altogether and waste their time. Please look into why this failure has come about and consider what impacts you are having on micro organisations like mine when you can't get your own systems and processes into a professional state.