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Laura I've recently finished the Coding Fellowship (12-week coding bootcamp) at DevelopMe. This comprehensive course is taught by professionals with years of experience in the industry. Its curriculum is regularly revised and updated to be in step with the latest trends and technologies. The class is formed of a small group of selected students. Along with the instructors and the assistants, this creates a strong sense of community in which you feel comfortable and gives you an excellent opportunity to learn from your classmates as well. Everybody starts with a relatively different level of knowledge but the course presents a challenge to all at their respective level. I've personally decided to go for a career change seeking a more flexible lifestyle which also stimulates my creativity. Coming from a completely unrelated background (retail, customer service), and being English my second language, this course represented a huge challenge for me. I was not sure if I was ready to do it but they help you get ready with a list of lectures and online lessons to go through before starting. This way you'll get familiar with some fundamental technologies which are essential for the course. There were tough times but I've always counted on the support from the team. And I mean real support: -they have always been there to talk about my performance, to reassure me and give me ideas about what to do to work on the areas I was concerned. -1 to 1 feedback sessions that take place every Friday in which they highlight your improvements and point at the areas that need more attention so you know what to focus on. Also, at these feedback sessions, they do want to hear about your own needs so they could better help you. If they can do something, they will not hesitate to carry it out. Right after finishing the course, they got me four interviews in different companies and sent me the details of a 5th company, in which I've got an interview by showing them the projects I'd built during the course. So 5 interviews in total, which resulted in 2 job offers. I couldn't believe it! A year ago I was wondering what to do with my life, and then after the course, I even had the privilege of choosing where my first dev job was going to be. And that's only my own story, but my other 8 classmates also land a job right after this course. That's why I cannot recommend DevelopMe strongly enough. You'll surely face a challenging time at some points (and if by any chance you don't, you should be trying harder!) but keep going and trust them. Trust their experience. Trust their knowledge. They really want you to succeed and they will put all their effort into it. And so, you will.