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Anonymous I was on the fence about doing a programming bootcamp. Previously, I had a good job with decent pay but did not enjoy it at all. I ultimately decided to give computer programming a shot. I quit my job and moved to a different state to attend the Java Bootcamp at the Software Guild. I did not regret that decision. I felt that the program was comprehensive and relevant. We worked on applicable projects and it felt that by the end we had the skills necessary to actually take up developer jobs in the real world. The program is hard. I had no relevant programming experience before attending the Guild. If you attend one of the bootcamps in person, prepare to devote all of your free time to studying and working on projects. But if you can make it through, it is definitely worth it. The Software Guild also helps with job placement. They will conduct mock interviews, resume help, and even have a kind of career day with real employers. They can help you get an interview but they will not hold your hand. I ended up getting an internship offer before I finished the bootcamp with a job offer from the same company 3 months after that.
Keller Martin I decided on doing the Software Guild after almost a year of casually teaching myself to code. Spending 3 months dedicated to learning a new trade with a cohort of motivated colleagues was the best career decision I've ever made. The work was hard, but I put my time in and came out with 3 job offers the week before the program ended. I never imagined that after only three months, I would be in a position to pick the job of my choosing. I was able to double my salary and enter a new career as a software engineer in 3 months, all thanks to the instructors, employment team, and my classmates at the Software Guild. I would do it again in a heartbeat.