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Tat Wa Lay Short review Course is great, got a job after the course. The long detailed review My journey started in November 2018. I was working as a web administrator in a cold car body shop. Administering their website, doing thankless tasks and listening to the boss constantly shouting and swearing at the workers. I came across Develop Me through a google search and attended their open evening. They had beer, pizza and we were shown how to make a basic contact form in PHP with some HTML and bootstrap. I have a Computer Science degree and have attempted the self taught route. I can honestly say that I learned more in 12 weeks at Develop Me than I did in my 5 years of my further and higher education. There are some things on the degree program that aren’t taught on the boot camp such as Photoshop (in detail) and Computer and Law theory but I’m sure you’ll learn this as and when. What my degree didn’t teach me was how to be a proficient developer. My typical Web Programming lecture at Uni would consist of an oversized class with one lecturer speaking to you, as if you should know better. If you didn’t know something, you would get a sarcastic answer and get told to go away and look it up. With Develop Me, there were 9 students, 1 instructor and 1 (sometimes 2) teaching assistants to assist you. There were always some detailed slides to refer too, lots of correct documentation recommended by the instructor and at least 2 knowledgeable people at hand should you need things explained in detail. During the course, you will feel lots of different emotions, frustration, anxiety, uncertainty and some will experience stress. To experience these emotions alone on a self taught route would certainly make you want to give up being a developer. Which was why I failed on the self taught route. Most of my fellow students were very supportive and we would have a one to one with the founders every Friday to check in and give any constructive feedback. There was a very positive energy on the course with everybody wanting to learn and grow while everybody kept emotionally aware of each other’s frustrations. Develop Me provides a table tennis table which for me really helped as it allowed me to bond with my fellow cohorts. There’s also unlimited coffee and a run biscuits every week. I had many great moments talking to fellow cohorts over coffee about my problem and then finding the solution for myself. A term referred to as rubber ducking. The technology taught on the course was very relevant. I won’t list them all as they can change in a flash, so it’s best to visit their website. I came onto the course believing that I knew HTML, CSS and PHP which was one of my biggest mistakes. Going onto a course believing you already know it all. The first week, the instructor, Ruth Johns blew my tiny little mind of how much there was to HTML and CSS. Lots of things they just don’t teach you on a degree program. I will openly admit that I struggled half way through the course and didn’t go on to complete the React Native path. But instead, revisited Javascript, Wordpress + PHP again which was suggested by the course leaders. At the time, it was harsh news to hear but the end result really paid off. I’m no working as a Wordpress Developer at a highly established agency working with technologies I really enjoy. Please not that Wordpress is not just editing an existing theme but writing your own theme that requires an understanding of the loop written in PHP. As for the venue, there’s a very creative energy about Paintworks, lots of great companies that pay a premium to be there and lots of potential hiring partners. I was eventually hired by an agency situated just 4 doors away. As for the Friday night beer? There’s a bar just a up some steps that serve great beer and pizza. Parking was free on the road and a bike rack directly outside. Also to add that you’re just a 10 minute walk away from Temple Meads. These things are all essential to know if you’re going to be there for 12 weeks. As for funding the £8k fee, having rich parents in this situation always helps, but if you’re someone like me who had little savings in the bank, I managed to get a career development loan which, at the time of writing, the program has stopped now but there are other loan companies out there. You’ll need to check for the best interest rates and ensure you have enough funds to survive for 4 months and not 3. After the course finished, the work didn’t stop there. We were given a technical challenge to complete that we would present to potential employers. At first it was a blind panic but breaking down the task, it was challengingly enjoyable. Everything we had learned on the course, we were able to put into practice. So after 12 weeks of intensive learning and 12 grey hairs later, I’m here at my desk in a web development agency developing themes and plugins, working with amazing people and patting the office dog during times of coding frustration. I can confirm that everybody on the course got employed and most of my fellow cohort got offered a junior salary between £21,000 - £23,000. I have been added to the Develop Me Alumini where I’m notified of future upcoming hack nights and events relating to relevant topics. So there you go, a long detailed review that I hope will confirm the credibility of this course. A giant thank you to Pete, Oli (co founders) Mark Wales (amazing instructor) Ruth, Jack, George, Chris. The experience was amazing.