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Kasia A life-changing experience! Coming to Bali was an impulsive decision for me but I couldn't be happier that I decided to join IOC. Firstly, I feel like I made friends for life - never expected to meet such an amazing group of individuals (both students and the staff members) and bond so quickly. Secondly, this was the best learning experience I've ever had - studying in a beautiful villa, surrounded by friends, sharing outings to the most beautiful locations in Bali, having some of the most delicious food ever and being taught by the most patient, helpful and friendly teachers (Brit, Dave, Dan! <3). I can't describe in words how great of a manager and person Morgan is - it felt like there is nothing this beautiful woman couldn't do! Not only did she take care of all our needs during the retreat, but also supported and helped me when I got sick in Bali after the course had finished. Grace, our yoga instructor and retreat manager, is an inspiration for me - such a beautiful person inside and out. Terry made sure that the booking process went super-smoothly and there were no questions left without answers. Tina and Emile were such welcoming and friendly hosts that I'm sure I'll be convincing all my friends to come and study with IOC as well. Justyn was a smiling angel who was a great addition to our team :) All of the above helped me to find a new passion and hopefully a future career I love, as well as make incredible friends, and possibly find a future home. SO worth it! :)