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Chelsea Giles I had debating going to IOC for far too long, well over a year. I knew I wanted to launch into a new career somewhere along the lines of website design and development but didnt know exactly which course was for me. In the end, Im so so happy that I decide to go with IOC! It was an intensive course that covered absolutely everything I needed. Between the pre-course work, the 10 day immersion and the endless ongoing support after the course I have been able to plan, design and successfully launch my own business. This is a career path that I had dreamed of for years! There was support from morning to night, plenty of mentors around to assist with everything from website design and overall page layout, to the basic code and into a ton of fun transitions and add-ons a few of us had sought out to create for our websites. I defo recommend IOC to anyone wanting to get into website development!