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Ashley S. After deciding to change careers to become a software developer, I chose The Software Guild out of my other options because I could attend the course in person, it had a great reputation, and according to the graduate report, the placement rate for graduates was 92.6% for full time employment within 6 months. I knew very little about development before being accepted into the boot camp, mainly just basic HTML and CSS. After taking an aptitude test and being accepted, I spent 8 weeks learning JavaScript and jQuery through a prework course before beginning the Java boot camp in January. Immediately I was struck by the quality of the coursework from the pre-course instructions, and that quality bore out after starting the Java track. The Java course was taught by an amazing teacher who graduated from MIT and has worked at Microsoft, but she made the work fun and enjoyable. I got a grounding in the principles of object oriented programming, model-view-controller architecture, and the tech stack included Java 8, Maven, and Spring MVC for the first half of the course. The second half introduces SQL databases and Spring Boot to focus on creating data-driven web applications. The pace was consistently fast and I pretty much didn't have a social life over the 12 weeks of the camp, but it was well worth it. During the second half of the course, I was given career coaching to get me ready for the job hunt after graduating, everything from working with recruiters to how to interview. The Guild also had 2 interview days, one with recruiters, and the other with actual local businesses with job openings. The speed interviews led to a couple of second interviews, and an offer within 2 weeks of graduating. In my current job, I have a deep appreciation for how the coursework prepared me for Java programming and that the pace from the camp has also made it easier for me to learn and adapt to the projects quickly. Overall, I can't recommend the Guild enough for anyone considering becoming a software developer.