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Jack I recently completed the bootcamp at DevelopMe, and I would recommend it to someone who's insterested in programming/web development. At first, I was apprehensive, and I wasn't sure if it was going to be the right thing for me. I had some self study under my belt in Python, which isn't covered on the course, so I had some worries that I wouldn't get on well with the languages in the syllabus. Well, I attended an open evening and decided to take the plunge. I was given a pre-course preparation syllabus to work through, and I dedicated a lot of time to completing it before the course began, which I feel really paid off. I found that my worries were unfounded, really, as it wasn't necessarily Python I was interested in, but the process programming. I also wasn't sure if web development was going to be right for me, but in reality, working with programming languages was the thing that interested me, rather than the difference between 'software developer' and 'web developer'. Once I was on the course itself, I have to say that it felt great to be in the learning environment. The teachers were all great: concepts were explained very clearly and were always followed up with a hefty amount of practical challenges that consolidated everything very well. If anyone ever had any difficulties, the teachers were great about going over things again, helping people understand, and making sure everyone was up to speed in order to move on to the next part. Learning programming languages can be confusing at times, but the moments of satisfaction when you solve a problem are far more rewarding than the frustration of not getting things can be. If you feel like you have the kind of mind that likes to get stuck into a problem and feel motivated to work through something until you figure out how to solve it, then you will probably get on well with the course. The syllabus was pretty wide, giving us experience of a wide range of technologies which we could choose from to implement a final project at the end. Once we had completed the projects, we were set up with interviews by the course organisers, and our projects were sent to the employers so that they could see what we had created. The support during the interview process seemed great. Each person was set up with ~4 interviews, with continued support after that, meaning that if those interviews didn't lead to anything, they continue to set you up with more. That said, companies seem pretty keen to hire developers, and several companies already have a few past graduates, and continue to come back to hire fresh graduates from the course. Now, I've been working at a web development agency for 3 months, and things are going great! I'm continuing to learn a lot, and the job is much more fulfilling than anything I've done in the past. If you've been dabbling in code, and find it's the kind of thing that really draws you in, and you can lose yourself for hours solving problems and fixing bugs and implementing things, then you might be coming from a similar place as I did, and will really benefit from taking a fast-track approach to get you into the industry like this.