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Umer Farooq As a product manager working in the field, I was looking for a program that can enhance my knowledge and teach me the frameworks and practices of Product Management. I am glad that I choose Product Faculty, as it turned out to be a very fulfilling experience. We were taught by a mentor (Moe) who has extensive professional and academic knowledge of the field. His method of teaching involved a mix of theory and hands-on exercises, this made the classes highly engaging. There were insightful peer discussions which were followed by a guest speaker from the industry; these speakers brought their unique skill-set and experience. I thoroughly enjoyed Jaxson Khan session which was a boot camp on Product marketing and Sam’s on UX for Product. Probably the best part of the program was the exercise of launching a major feature for a well-known product. The knowledge that we acquired in our sessions got applied in a practical way into the practices of Product Management. From research to ideation to prototype, this exercise really helped in understanding the process and frameworks required in any feature or product launch. The program has a great support structure. Moe is always available to provide guidance and mentorship on a personal basis. The job mentorship support and interview preparation we received from Ayhan has placed us well to make our next career move in this exciting field.