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Anonymous I am so, so glad I decided on a whim to attend this bootcamp. I couldn't decide between the Austin Community College bootcamp and the one taught by UT Austin, so I went to the ACC "pre-class" to meet the instructors and learn more about the curriculum. By the end of the trial class, I knew that learning from Piyush, Jon, Sevy, and Jon-Mikel would be the right fit for me. They are all extremely approachable humans, with huge hearts, and they put a ton of effort into listening and communicating clearly. Each instructor brings their own unique strengths and styles to the course, and they were all amazing and crazy likeable. That being said, the course is truly Piyush's brainchild and baby, and it was a joy to learn from a professional who has worked in the industry for such a long time. His stories about working in tech are hilarious and really insightful. He's also a really good person, and he truly cares about each one of his students. Seriously, he believes in you no matter how dumb you might feel. I worried about him during the course, because he sometimes seems to stretch himself super thin, trying to help everyone out all of the time. Don't message him at 1:00 in the morning, because he might actually write you back. I definitely think that you should attend the pre-class, if you're on the fence about joining. Actually, if you have $80, do it anyways - it's super fun. And know that this class might not be the best for people who like to follow a rigid, pre-determined schedule. But if you're all right with putting your trust in these instructors, I highly recommend letting them lead you on this wild ride with them. I'm so glad I followed my gut and didn't pay twice the price for the UT Austin version.