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Chris Logsdon As soon as I had read an article in Louisville Business First, I thought I should look into programming as a career, and specifically, The Software Guild. The instructors were excellent. They had solid credentials and knew what they were doing and they gave us all individual attention when needed. Not only were the instructors skilled, but so was the rest of the staff. The Career advisor proved himself to be an invaluable resource, before and after graduation. One thing I have noticed in my time in the workforce is that many people shy away from giving you honest and useful feedback. No so at The Software Guild, and that is refreshing and reassuring. They will NOT rubber stamp a pass for you one something you wrote that is not your best effort. They will help you understand what you did wrong in a project, and they are not afraid to stay after or turn up early just to help out, or if you need a word. If you are looking for a place where you can gain a good foundation as a programmer, and where you will be able to work hard and grow as a student/professional, this is the place.