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Aboubacar Caron I loved every minute of my time at VIVADATA, and a big part of it is because of the people. The program does an incredible job with selecting its applicants - these are folks who I am looking forward to staying in touch with for the rest of my life. Everyone is generous, caring, and will bend over backwards to help you succeed. They will also kick your butt every step of the way as well. VIVADATA students are immensely talented and capable, not to mention driven and focused. The days move by quickly, the pairings are a blast, the assessment material will have time to soak in, and most importantly - you earn everyone's respect. All in all, VIVADATA is great and I would do it again.
Charlotte Guillot Attending VIVADATA was a great experience. What I learned in my classes were relevant to the jobs I am now looking for. The project structure was similar to other bootcamps with 4 projects each getting increasingly more complex. The instructors are what made all the difference for my class. I felt that the instructors and the TA really cared about us being successful. They did what they could to make us feel comfortable and help us learn.
Yona Bonnet I had a great experience at VIVADATA. The instructors were really great, both in terms of teaching but also just being available, to help, answer questions, or just chat about the industry, career prospects/future, general tech trends, etc. I was working full time as a data scientist within two months of finishing the course.
Mathis Cordier "I just completed the curriculum and I feel great about what Ive learned and what I can accomplish in the future. The TAs really care about your learning. They are supportive and easy-going, which makes all the difference when you experience bootcamp levels of stress. The lectures are interesting and the projects are by and large fun. Your classmates are also great because everyone is motivated to be there and works hard. When I started at VIVADATA, I did have some prior coding experience from college, but those classes had never gone well and I was not at all confident in my abilities. With the VIVADATA curriculum, I feel like Im ready to start a career as a data scientist. However, the curriculum is super intense and you always feel like you never have enough time in the day. That being said, its very important to get adequate sleep and take breaks. Even if you dont feel like you can take a break. Do it, and do VIVADATA!"