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Anonymous There is nothing offered in this course that you can't obtain for free off of the web. The instructor exclusively refers to W3schools and other sources like Udemy as reference material. The program provides zero reference material of its own. In the end this course offers nothing that cant be done on your own for free online in w3schools or chat rooms. Certifications can be obtained directly from Javascript for less than $100. -The course presented does not match the course description (it is self-taught) -No certifications are included in the course. They have to be purchased and completed outside of the class. -There is no organization to the course materials, or content. Information and projects are routinely lost because there are too many channels to search. -The communications for the course and projects are all over the place with multiple threads and no consolidated repository. -Channels are not utilized consistently for resources (study materials may be posted in resources, slides, GitHub, or a number of other options. It's anybody's guess where you'll hear stuff). -No reference materials are provided. -The resource materials utilized are free online sources that students have access to without paying ACC. -The online resources include tutorials which are consistently more concise and informative than the lectures provided in the ACC course. -The professor solicits feedback and responds in a reactive, defensive, and aggressive manner. Further, will take additional retaliatory steps after the fact. -The mentors are not permitted by the professor to assist students with questions, thereby limiting their efficacy. They have been instructed to refer all questions (outside of the most basic) to Piyush. -The presentations are impossible to follow not because of the content, but because of the lecture style (hopping topics, overlapping subjects, getting 'lost in the weeds', unrelated materials, etc) -The professor telling mentors to end pre-existing friendships with students is blatantly unprofessional and an overreach/abuse of power.
Anonymous If you are working a full time job and looking to learn new technologies in a well thought out, structured, and organized curated course... THIS IS NOT IT. Granted, you will learns from the self-learning which is usually provided via other well established online resources like Udemy and even YouTube. The first site of issues with this course was the lack of organization the first real day of class. Intro into basic web authoring that was very alarming by the poor execution of the instructors and the lack of confidence which was a huge disservice to the students. But it's not all of the instructors fault, as this is the brain child of the creator - Piyush, who may know and love the course material but has no ability to teach effectively. Do yourself a favor, take your time, find a good online course and resource. Repeat and use the information you are learning daily over and over again. And you will not have wasted over $7,000 to sit in a class with slides with no context, minimum information/instruction and instructors who obviously aren't all on the same page (some not even working or worked in the industry).