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Chris I looked at the various coding boot camps in Austin, the syllabuses, their instructors profiles and most importantly the schedule. Only at the last moment during my online research, I noticed that Austin Community College also offered a coding bootcamp program. As such I wrote to Maria Coleman, the ACC officer and she promptly sent me a syllabus and advised me to sign up for the trial class. The trial class ran on 2 week nights and was only $80. They promised that the trial class was taught by the actual boot camp instructors. And it was. I found the trial class very informative about the program and did meet Jon, Piyush and Sevy, the instructors. Jon Michael, a mentor (TA??) also stopped by. I was very thrilled to see the dedication of the boot camp staff. The material covered at the trial class was quite a lot and sometimes I felt a bit rushed. However, it was all good, since the instructor provided copy of the materials and I was able to learn the materials, and did manage to complete the home work challenge. The fact that they gave a home work challenge was a good sign, as it would weed out those who were not really interested in the program, or not up to the task. I attended the boot camp. It started off a bit off wobbly, as there were some students who were having issues setting up their computers and development environment. However, Piyush's technical talents came to the rescue and the issues were all ironed out. They provided detailed self learning assignments and home work projects for each week from Week 1 till Week 16 or 17 (I don't exactly remember). The self learning was a bit too much, as it took a lot of time completing. However, I found the projects very useful in applying what I had learnt. Eventually I learn how to speed-learn from various suggested sources, as well as find out what I should be learning and what I could postpone till later. The final project was what got me learning on steroids. Applying everything I had learned earlier to a full stack project was tough. However, we had help from JOn and Piyush our instructors. We also learnt an interesting exercise in algorithmic thinking in Javascript from Jed, a recently hired senior instructor. Piyush tried to teach us how to integrate Redux into our project, but I didn't understand Redux, honestly. I'll learn it on my own soon. What did it for me at the ACC software bootcamp was the dedication of the instructors. They do this because they obviously love to teach and help. I was able to ask technical questions from them over the Christmas break. I also got help over Christmas eve. They would ask to me to join a screensharing session and help me work through my issues. This factor alone makes this the best progrm you can find around here. I whole heartedly support this program. I wish I could go and teach here, so I could work with these wonderful folks, but I have other aspirations ;-) Go try the trial class and decide for yourself.