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Nate I got my Bachelors in Computing several years back. Before the bootcamp, while I was running my small real estate rental business, I felt it was the time to learn the foundational coding skills needed to develop full products. As it will help me run my business easier and it will give me a more in-depth understanding of the best and most efficient process for building web and mobile apps. The experience of going through the ACC bootcamp was amazing! Especially the project in the last four weeks where we were able to develop a fully functional web app and see how software teams work. Working in a team with an assigned instructor was the perfect way to combine everything I had learnt into the right mix of knowledge, problem solving and breaking down complicated requirements. While this may not be the perfect program for everyone, it does cater to those who have no prior programming background to those that have some light skills in web development. The instructor team did a great job facilitating this program and I’m really thankful for this experience!