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Daniel I quit my job in February to get involved in the Python Bootcamp in Bali and it was an amazing experience ! I tried to learn coding on my own before. It was kind of overwhelming to know which direction to follow by myself and felt like a really lonely activity. Joining the bootcamp kept me motivated thanks to excellent teachers and a great student atmosphere. I learned a great deal, from Python, to the Django framework, to deployment on AWS. It gave me a strong coding basis and I now feel confident that I can learn more on my own and execute ideas by myself. It’s also great for getting a sense of the many things that are possible to do in Python (web scrapping, data analysis, machine learning…) and exploring them. Ryan and Kim, the founders, are super helpful from getting you onboard to guiding you all the way to finding a job after the camp. Plus they are amazing human beings with a great life story :) The teachers Martin and Caden are very supportive and dedicated to your success. If you put in the amount of work they will put in extra effort to help you on whatever project or field you want to explore, on top of the common course. They made this camp enjoyable and productive and I cannot thank them enough for this. Finally, my co students were inspiring and a pleasure to work with. I made strong friendships and going trough the course with them was key to stay motivated and share knowledge. The cherry on the top here is Bali. This island is magical and exploring it after each week of hard work is an absolute delight. It gives you wonderful break times before going back to coding, and being even more productive. All in all, I think it is clear that I strongly recommend Coding Nomads for anyone who wants to start learning Python Programming and explore a whole new world of possibilities !