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Josh Carroccia The immersive class was strenuous and challenging, but worth it. I have tried for a long time to learn how to code on my or after work but always struggled to get far or learn challenging topics. Momentum gave me a place to learn and excel with a great group of peers, instructors and staff. On top of staff and instructors, there is a great network of volunteers and former grads that are always willing to help. Not only will you learn the skills you need to start a career in software development, but you will have a chance to grow an incredible network with your peers and the introductions the team gives you! Because of all that, I give everyone apart of the Momentum Family my respect and know that if any future graduates come out of the class will be prepared for junior roles and will happily talk to them and refer them to my company or introduce them to my network.
Chad Attending Momentum Learning's Immersive Coding program was one of the best decisions I ever made. It opened my eyes to the tech industry and all the opportunities in it. Prior to attending Momentum, I had taught myself basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript (which is also covered in their Foundations course, if you'd like to try out development before committing to the full program). The instructors made sure my foundations were solid and introduced me to many practices that greatly improved my programming ability. As a Front End Development student, I learned how to work with Node.js, React.js, and many tools in the Node ecosystem. The curriculum is not limited to technical skills. We regularly had guest speakers who discussed many of the soft skills required as a developer: Communication, Networking, Dealing with Imposter Syndrome, etc. Students are also given access to community events to help network within the American Underground. They also offer Career Services, which I used to meet with former Momentum students, potential employers, and potential mentors. Many of these interactions led to job leads and more interviews. Overall I'd recommend this program for both the complete newbie and beginner-intermediate developers looking to add more to their skill set.