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Kara W. Wondering whether you should commit to the Institute of Code’s 10-day web development bootcamp in Bali? Based on my personal experience, I can say to anyone who might be wavering: GO. I am especially talking to anyone in their 30s, 40s, or 50s (and even beyond); please do not let your “advanced” age stop you from going—coding is not just for twenty-somethings! As one of the older students on the course, my age (49) was a total non-issue. In fact, I found that my "wealth of experience" actually bolstered my ability to grow as a coder. Enrolling in the IOC web dev bootcamp is one of the most rewarding decisions I have made in recent years: Learning to build websites and gaining an insider's knowledge of web development has not only helped me better navigate and manage my web-based design and communications projects, it has also opened up opportunities to earn extra money building websites. Need more reasons to go? The course is taught by genuinely good, talented experts eager to share their coding knowledge and help you succeed; the lovely villa in Canggu provides a comfortable, relaxed learning environment; and along with those useful coding skills, you will likely pick up a few lifelong friends too. One of the biggest benefits of doing the in-person course? The unlimited, lifetime support provided by IOC mentors. Being able to reach out to a friendly, patient expert (hey, Dan!) with any sort of coding question—big or small—is both a safety net and an inspiration.