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Vera Silva She codes is a place where you can learn code in a relaxed environmental. It is useful not only because you can learn front-end but also get an idea of the potential of this world. Matt and the team of she code really help to appreciate the code world.
Aloma Maia I applied blindly after seeing an advertise in Instagram because I was curious about Web Development but never felt comfortable in participating in other bootcamps or workshops and doing it by myself online wasn't enough. It was an amazing weekend, the whole team really motivate us and helped us getting comfortable enough to ask questions/help. The contents are intense but accessible and interesting. Personally I felt a huge learning curve that worked as a boost for me to keep learning after the bootcamp. Matt it's a great teacher and him and the whole team works really hard to make the experience worthed and although for me it wasn't a career changing moment I know, from talking with other participants, that this weekend was a fresh start and chance to change their careers for better for a lot of them, and that it's amazing in my opinion