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Anonymous I attended Carolina Code School and we had a great instructor named Dan, he knows his stuff, on the other hand the second teacher was awful, had favorites and secluded other class mates. Our class discussed as a whole how do address this and basically gave up, she made sure one person in the course got a job, left the rest to float. She would roll her eyes and make faces when people had questions and didn’t understand and people cried in class weekly. They offered zero out of class help and even had the class do things for publicity sake, This course could be great if they actually had a real programmer teaching not a lady that has to leave early over her dog, always feeling sick and wearing sweatpants and T-shirt’s and hiding in the back on Alumni day! They chose one person out of 8 to be the poster boy for the course and he literally lied his entire way through the course, I have never seen honesty be so frowned upon before as I have here, people legitimately cried out for help and got Nothing.