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Blane Staskiewicz Took the Online Python 3 course. The course really gets you familiar with python and what the language has to offer as well as APIs and Databases and projects to help build up your github, that I never learned in college. If you need to get the course complete for 500 in 4 weeks, it's doable. I'm a broke college student so I found this course at a low rate and after completeing it, it's really worth the money. Remote, user friendly course with a nearly 24/7 community of mentors and staff. A personal mentor that helps guild you through weekly calls and free to talk through Slack. Connection to Slack channels and the Forum, for questions, code reviews, interview help/practice questions and irl stuff like free tickets to RISE conference in Hong Kong this past summer. In the end worked with Twitter to filter tweets and make my own personal twitter bot. Overall worth the money and time, and now I will always be apart of a community of programmers. Shout out to Johnny, best mentor I ever had!