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Michael Witkowsky Lighthouse labs have a special effect on people. It takes what you knew as your limit, destroys it, and don't let you build a new one for a few weeks, not until you have learned everything they have to taught. And all that with an imense support from the teachers, mentors, and staff.
Anonymous Highly intensive bootcamp that requires 110% of one's attention for weeks. It was very exhausting but also worth every minute. Pros: - mentors - they were awesome and gave that extra to get over any problems - career service - they are interested in your success so they do everything possible to prepare you for the job market - curriculum - even though the it's impossible to learn everything in 2-3 months, their focus was to teach us learn quickly. I utilized this skill very much later on Cons: - the building was a bit war-torn but they moved to a new office since I attended
Paul When I first got into the iOS development bootcamp I found it extremely hard! But I stuck with it and dedicated minimum 12 hour days 6 day/week.