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Amy Prior to the Grace Hopper Program, I was in a position where my job has become stagnant and going to work was a drag. I had interests in coding but never thought it would be possible to become an engineer. I thought to myself, people go to school for 4 years to learn this stuff. However, after attending the Boot Camp Prep course at Fullstack Academy, it occurred to me that the road to becoming an engineer wasn't as impossible as I had thought. (I attended the month-long Boot Camp Prep class because I had no prior knowledge with programming and to attend Fullstack's actual boot camp you will need some knowledge of code.) The actual Bootcamp was 17 weeks long and it flew by. I had many amazing instructors during my time at Grace Hopper. (Shout outs to, Geoff, Jess, Brian, Ben, and David.) Every single person I interacted with was supportive and brilliant. There were times during the program where it was very stressful and I had doubts about my ability to code. The material we were learning was extremely difficult and hard to grasp. But because of Fullstack's no asshole policy and supportive environment, we were able to pull through and developed quite the camaraderie. Not only were we taught how to code, but we were also taught how to continue to learn and grow our technical knowledge base. Now that I have graduated from the program and on my way to my first engineering job, all I can say is, why didn't I make this jump sooner?