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Gordon McEachin I came to this school with a very basic understanding of what a developer was. Now I am one! This is a face paced course that is very well thought out and structured in such a way that if you don't put in the effort it will show quickly. Our cohort worked well together on the team project and we had help on the weekends and after class, our cohort even benefited from the help of alumni who came in on their own time to work with us! (A benefit that I hope to reciprocate with future cohorts!) We learned Python and Javascript, we used libraries like Django and React Rest Framework to complete our final project for Demo Day!! This is not going to be easy by any stretch of the imagination unless you are naturally gifted as a developer! Don't let that scare you though, challenge yourself like I did!! I may have struggled but I did graduate! YOU CAN TOO!!! Our cohort benefited from the input and reviews from former students and outside influencers in the developer community. You will work hard, everyday in class, everynight at home, and on the weekends too! Make sure you ask questions often in class, take great notes (keep them on your computer) get plenty of rest and remember to eat!!! You will be rewarded for your hard work with your certificate! Afterwards there is a complete job SUPPORT system in place with tool to help you succeed in landing that first job, but again, YOU have to put in the work!!