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Shantell Smithson What sets Suncoast Developers Guild Academy apart from other code camps is the program's willingness and ability to adapt to each cohort's learning style and pace. I found this particularly helpful in moments of struggle, and I know my classmates did as well. You are only as advanced as your most behind peer. We made an effort to keep each other afloat during a very intense, fast-paced learning environment. The faculty care--really care--about the well-being and future of their students. You can see this as far up as the top with the school's president, Toni Warren, to each member of their community. When we say, SDG Family, we mean it. I felt like a member of the family before I enrolled because that's the vibe. You will often find alumni working remotely from the campus, and they are generous to help if you're stuck on a concept or a code line in your project. What's more, people are smart but remain humble and humorous. The projects are unique, challenging and engaging. Mark Dewey, the main instructor, is nominated for the best web developer in Tampa Bay 2019 because he's that good. Katherine Trammell works all hours to get you employed. Fridays are dedicated to job skills, networking, and setting yourself up for success. Plus, Friday's are half-days arranged for afternoon socials. SDG was a great experience. An experience that keeps going long after one receives her certificate as a full-stack web developer.