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Jean-Baptiste Terrazzoni I'm now an alumni of the 42 Paris School. I started the test called the piscine in March 2017 knowing nothing about programming. 1 year later I started receiving so many interesting job offers that I didn't need to finish the program. This school not only teaches you how to program, it gives you all the tools to learn by yourself and build your network (The events in the school and partners in Paris are amazing). At the end you will have the best technical skills for programming and/or starting your business. However the way the school operates is not tailored for everyone. You MUST be highly motivated. If you are ready for days and nights of coding, then the school will make you a skilled developer, faster than any other school. Indeed you can work 7d/d, even for vacation, and you're not stuck with the other students pace. Other reviews are saying you can't develop in other languages than C. This is not true, you can do it once you have a sufficient level in C. And believe me, C may seems boring/old at first, but this is the best way to really understand how it works. If you simply need the basics to make websites or simple programs, then maybe this formation is too much for you. You have the possibility to stop at the beginning after the first projects, but the school aims for highly skilled developers. Learning how to code is easy, learning how to PROPERLY code is harder, and this school pushes to toward that. In short, the school is as good as your motivation. If only YOU have the right mindset, then the results will be excellent and fast.