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Scott Neiger I've worked in SaaS tech support for a few years, and have slowly been introduced to code various concepts by virtue of doing my job. Over the years I've built a pretty broad understanding of various code concepts, but I couldn't tell you much about the basics ( like the difference between an object and an array). This course provided an excellent framework for understanding the fundamentals of not just JavaScript, but also general coding principles that apply to any language (pretty sure I'll use P.R.E.P. for the rest of my career). I really enjoyed the fast-paced learning environment and having a web-based sandbox for completing take-home coursework removed a lot of the overhead/complexity of trying to use an IDE or set up a local environment. One thing I loved about the class was, while zero coding experience is required, the learning environment is flexible/challenging enough that if you've already had some experience with certain aspects of the lesson, you can push yourself and still find a ton of value in the coursework (plus you have a knowledgeable instructor to ask questions and work with during office hours). All-in-all, I cannot recommend this course enough for people who are interested to learn more about coding and want to get their feet wet with an entry-level language like JavaScript. In parting, I wrote a program to illustrate my experience with the course: var firstStepCodingClasses=8; function learnToCode(firstStepCodingClasses){ var codeLiteracy=[]; for(var knowledge=0; knowledge