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Kathleen Tucker After taking a few years off from UX design, I wanted to re-enter the field. My experience at that point was strictly user flows, site maps and wireframes. I knew I was missing some aspects of the design process which are critical in being able to work successfully in the industry. While doing some research I found Beginex and was immediately excited by its curriculum and decided to sign up. Beginex provided an opportunity for me to work on a project for a real company and to dive into those other areas of the design process that I was missing including user research and testing, customer journeys, persona development, and prototyping. The course also gave me the chance to work with other designers on a team instead of working in a silo in which I was so accustomed to. Beginex also provided a few weeks of job prep and portfolio development which was a great addition to the course. They included a session of mock interviews and whiteboard design challenges! This gave me even more confidence that I could re-enter the design community and successfully land more contract opportunities! The only thing I would suggest Beginex add to their course is a discussion on how designers can best approach and communicate design requirements and ideas with developers, business analysts and project managers in real-world work scenarios. This will help the participants build confidence in the ‘soft-skills’ of UX design. I highly recommend Beginex to anyone who is new to UX design or who has been away from the design industry for awhile and wants to get back into it.