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Gabriel I went in with zero coding experience. I've always known my way around a computer, I've been poking them since I was a seven year old after all, and while that might be normal now it wasn't back in '99. I've even messed around a command prompt(following guides to the letter), but I could never code. I'd seen code blocks all throughout my life and to the untrained eye, they honestly look like word vomit. They did to me anyway. All of this is to say that, now, the word vomit looks like a recipe. Even if I don't understand a block of code in its entirety, I can safely navigate it piece by piece to understand what's going on at every point(and if I don't understand I know how to look up resources to help me understand). That's not something everyone can say and I can thank First Step Coding for helping me by demystify coding. While I wanted to learn how to code, my primary reason for applying to First Step Coding was to find out if I had it in me. I wanted to know if coding was something I could sit down and understand. Well, now I know I can understand it if I put my mind to it and I've actually found myself enjoying it, errors and all. My instructors were very helpful, patient and polite and they explained the core concepts of coding that helped me build to the more complex ones. I still have a long way to go, but I'm confident now that it's something I can and want to do.