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Joseph Schultz My time at the ACC Web Developer Bootcamp was the most fun I've had learning thanks to the great instructors and mentors that were always available when I needed help, and always gave me more to do when I asked for more. I came into the class with only a basic understanding of one of the many languages we learned and it took me twice as long on my own to get what a fraction of this class taught me. The sacrifice for that was a very intense class where I was responsible for keeping up with the work they gave me and having to set aside anywhere from 20-30 hours of work outside of class each week, the complexity growing exponentially each week. I highly recommend this bootcamp to anyone who has the time and dedication to seriously learn, the hours in class work around a normal working schedule but the time you have to put into it to properly learn make this a second job, do NOT take this class if you just want to pass and get a new job, only take it if you truly want to learn.